Bending & Secondary Processes

High Quality Processing

Steel and metal plate fabrication & forming

Best Practice Processes & Techniques

KAM Engineering have the knowledge, experience and equipment required to design, form and fabricate durable, top-quality metal parts, components and other complex shapes for numerous applications. We serve industries in the automotive, medical, construction, transport, leisure and oil & gas sectors, to name but a few.

We work sheet metal using various best practice processes, techniques and appropriate machinery to form metal into the specific shapes. Processes such as bending, punching, machining, grinding and many other metal working techniques are all in the remit of our capabilities.

Press Brake Metal Bending

Our machinery includes an Amada HD 1303 Press Brake, an Amada HF 50-12T Press Brake and our Small Mecos 15T Press Brake.

This array of press brakes allows us to provide metal bending services to fit the specifications of our customers and to ensure precision bending. Our press brakes have the capability of bending material up to 12mm in most sheet and plate.

Product manufacturing Processes

Besides bending, we can drill, countersink, counterbore, tap, and can press fit most sheet fixings and inserts.  We have sheet and ring rollers pipe bending

KAM Engineering also has, automatic saws and a guillotine, de-burring equipment, lathes and a large CNC Milling machine.

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