DESIGN, product development

Full Product Design and Development
CAD / CAM solutions

Practical & Innovative Metal Engineering Design

If you need a bespoke metal part or component, our development team will take on the challenge, bring it to prototype and then – when you’re happy that it fits the bill – we’ll fabricate it and have it finished and/or assembled. 

We will accomplish this with as short a lead time as possible.

Software for Customised Solutions

We utilise the industry standard 3D CAD design software that gives us a lot of design capability to arrive at optimal sheet metal design solutions. Whether a project demands simple bends, or mor complex shapes we have the CAD design environment to create it.

Our fully trained CAD design team use SolidWorks for 3D design modelling, enabling us to transform your ideas into great products.

To set the ball rolling all you need bring us is an idea or a simple sketch, and we’ll turn this into the sophisticated, high specification component or product of your imagination, with a prototype that can be scaled up appropriately into full production.

Close Consultation for Quality Results

We get to deal with a wide range of clients from different industries and we receive many varied requests for metal fabrication, large and small. We are committed to excellent customer service, and for us that means close consultation through every stage of the process (if it is required), not matter what size the project is.

It’s only by ensuring our clients are 100% satisfied with the final product they receive from us that we keep our business thriving – and we plan to keep it that way.

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