Profile Cutting

Quick Turn-around Materials Profiling

Quality Cost-Effective Cutting

Laser Profile Cutting

KAM Engineering bought its first laser cutter in 2006 to augment our existing plasma cutter for metal profiling.

Laser cutting is our most frequently used profile cutter, because it offers excellent cut edge quality, short lead times and versatility. We are able to cut thicknesses from 0.5mm up to 20mm.

CNC Punching

We have an AMADA AE 2510NT CNC Turret Punch Press.  Good for volume and formed parts.

Punching is a cost effective solution, and versatile.  It’s possible to countersink, tap and form parts in one set up.  Making punching a very good option for multioperation volume work. 

High Definition Plasma Cutting

When a profiling thicker mild steel the most cost-effective option is often to employ a high definition plasma cutting system to slice through the metal.

We utilise the UK-manufactured Esprit “Hy-Def” Plasma CNC Profile Cutter for the profiling applications which demand this type of technology. This machine has a bed size of 1.5m by 6m in length, an is able to cut up to 25mm material.

Waterjet Cutting

Our Calypso EH320 Waterjet cutting system, in the hands of our highly trained and experienced operators, is used for many profiling applications, particularly when the material to be cut is thick (up to around 250mm) or requires a cold cutting technique.

Waterjet cutting can cut metal, stone and plastics, by pushing a jet of water mixed with abrasive garnet through a narrow nozzle at extremely high pressure.

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