EXPERT WELDING OF ferrous and non ferrous metals

MIG & TIG Welding Bays

KAM Engineering is equipped to take on high volume welding contracts, having six welding bays with full facilities for MIG or TIG welding, with an efficient and fast robotic arm. Welding is a crucial part of the production phase which requires expert knowledge and judgment when it comes to technique and choosing the appropriate technological process for a particular job and particular materials. Our experienced welders are able to perform both MIG and TIG welding as part of the production process.

Strong, Clean Spot Welding

Spot welding has applications in the automotive, aerospace, rail, metal furniture, electronics and a wide range of other industries. It’s a relatively simple process.

Our fully trained, experienced welding crew utilise both manual and automated spot welding to fuse metals together to make all sorts of components from car body parts to wall light housings and various enclosures.

Spot welding is just one of the many metal fabrication services that KAM Engineering offers in Wiltshire where we have been expertly working metal for clients for more than 50 years.

Fusing Skill With Service

Our aim is to provide extremely high-quality workmanship using the most advanced kit and knowhow, combined with unrivalled customer care, communication and service.

Unlike other sheet metal fabricators, we offer a fully comprehensive cost effective service that covers everything from design and prototyping to final finishing, all at our “one stop shop”, if you require it.

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